Sunday, September 25, 2016

Afternoon Art lesson

     What's a girl to do when Dad is away on business, Mom is working at the gallery, and the squad is all busy with their boyfriends? Try her hand at watercolors! I love feathers, and Mom's studio is full of supplies, so I spent the afternoon giving it a try.
      First try - a muddy mess. hmmm... I might need a you-tube tutorial.

5.5in x 8 in 140 lb. Cold press Watercolor paper
Koi Water colors (Field Sketch Box)
#10 round Royal brush
#8 round Royal brush
Higgins Black India Ink
Calligraphy pen

 These are my newest attempts - after I watched a great you-tube tutorial.
Want to give it a try? In addition to this great tutorial by Agapey I recommend not trying to be too exact. I went from being rigid, to looser with my brushstrokes and the result is awesome! The feather on the right is less detailed,  but so much better in my opinion.

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