Pretty Little Liars Fashion

Two of my favorite things are fashion and Pretty Little Liars. So in honor of my favorite show's last season, I'm going to go back and rewatch every episode before the last 10 episodes air this spring (April 4, 2017). I'll pick out one outfit from each episode (I know, how will I narrow it down to one?) and use it as inspiration for a Polyvore set. I'll post them here, and if you follow me on Polyvore, you can follow the links to purchase any of the clothing or accessories. Check back regularly; I'll have to watch at least 6 episodes per week to get through them all before the April 4th premiere!
 Episodes 13-18 outfits are below. I'd love to hear your opinions. Did I miss one of your favorites?

 Here are my favorite outfits from Episodes 7-12. Have other suggestions? Comment below and get a screen capture of the outfit for you!

From the first 6 Episodes I was able to narrow it down to 8 outfits. Take the poll on my homepage to help me narrow it down!

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